Learn to Play Guitar with Jamorama

learn how to play electric guitarGuitar music is simply awesome. Learning how to play the guitar can be somewhat overwhelming. It comes easy for some folks while others require a lot of lessons, sweat, and sometimes tears. Whether you favor acoustic or electric guitars, the Jamorama course is a well-designed learning tool to help propel a novice guitar player from beginner status to that of a well versed player, able to regale those around him or her with guitar songs of their choosing.

Here’s what the course includes:

  •  Over 250 pages of lessons: the lessons are broken down into step-by-step guides. Each guide is designed to build on the previous one, and thus allowing you to gradually build up your guitar-playing skills.
  •  216 chord shapes: with the help of guitar chord diagrams, you’ll be able to learn the foundation of most western music styles.
  • 148 high quality video lessons: in addition to written material, the video lessons will help cement what you learn through visualization, especially with guitar chords and strums.
  •  8 major styles of music and 55 unique strumming patterns: this will teach you how to play Rock, Hip Hop, Metal, Blues, Jazz, Country, Reggae and Funk. Plus all the strumming patterns you’ll ever need to know, along with a large selection of songs to play.
  • You also get 5 free bonuses including ‘GuitEarIt’, an ear training game, and ‘Guitar Tuner Pro’, a software to help you learn how to properly tune your guitar and keep sounding its best.

The course costs $49.95 and can be instantly downloaded to your computer as soon you make your purchase.

Learning how to play the guitar on your own is difficult. Most people sign up for private tutoring which, while very helpful, is not exactly cheap. Jamorama is very inexpensive and contains everything you need to become the guitar player you dream of becoming. Another benefit of the course is that you can learn at your own pace.

Of course, no product is perfect. So here are some disadvantages:

The package is big. There’s a lot of information, and if you’re not careful you can easily get overwhelmed and end up not doing anything with the course.

While the course is designed for both novice and advanced guitar players, some have commented that while it is in fact good for beginners, it’s not so for the advanced.

By far, Jamorama is the best online guitar course. There’s a reason it has been around for years and bought by over 200,000 students, it’s good. The number of Jamorama students is still growing and will continue to do so as long as there are aspiring guitar players.

Looking for the best guitar chord chart online

guitar chordsThe online guitar chord chart will help teach you to understand and play from every chord symbol at a glance, with one easy guitar lesson for free.

No doubt!
The vital ingredient to good improvisation/ going solo (rock, swing, jazz, R&B) on keyboard, piano, guitar or any instrument, is instant, easy familiarity with all the chords you will need to know.
If you are a beginner musician, or have been playing an instrument for years and cannot read music, take the pain away and realize your dreams with the online chord chart can do for you! And best of all… it is FREE. You are welcome to download the guitar chord chart and print if off and keep it.

It’s new, it’s cool and above all…..it works! This simple but effective device was invented after a lifetime of teaching music to beginners. It enables you to master chords within minutes, not months.

Godin Redline 1 Electric Guitar

Godin Redline electric guitarGodin has been making great guitars in Canada since 1972. Based in Montreal, Quebec, the company uses its six factories to produce a wide range of instruments, from handmade acoustics to jazzy archtops to straight-up rock and roll machines. Those inspired by the latter category should check out the new Godin Redline 1. The Redline is a no-frills shred apparatus, and is clearly aimed at the plug in, turn up, and get busy-type of guitar player. It is built on a double cutaway maple and poplar body and a rock maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and jumbo frets. The Redline’s electronics add up to a total of one EMG 81 active humbucker in the bridge position and a single volume knob. There are no extra pickups, knobs, switches, or circuitry to confuse, complicate, or otherwise hinder your rock. Many players like this simpler approach and this sort of old school design philosophy echoes decades of California-designed performance machines from the 50’s to the 80’s.

Cosmetically, the Redline is all business, wrapped up in a black graphite SG finish. Once again, nothing fancy, just straight to the point. It also features a different headstock shape for Godin which will, hopefully, appeal to a large number of rock and metal players out there in guitar-land. Godin is not the first company many of us think of when shopping for a guitar like this, ,but the company seems committed to making a great rock guitar that will attract the hard, heavy, and aggressive element of the guitar community and make them consider a look north of the border when picking out a new axe.