guitar chordsThe online guitar chord chart will help teach you to understand and play from every chord symbol at a glance, with one easy guitar lesson for free.

No doubt!
The vital ingredient to good improvisation/ going solo (rock, swing, jazz, R&B) on keyboard, piano, guitar or any instrument, is instant, easy familiarity with all the chords you will need to know.
If you are a beginner musician, or have been playing an instrument for years and cannot read music, take the pain away and realize your dreams with the online chord chart can do for you! And best of all… it is FREE. You are welcome to download the guitar chord chart and print if off and keep it.

It’s new, it’s cool and above all… works!┬áThis simple but effective device was invented after a lifetime of teaching music to beginners. It enables you to master chords within minutes, not months.